Service Like It Used To Be

Avid Floor Maintenance, Inc. is a full-service floor maintenance, janitorial, and window cleaning company. Avid is committed to provide quality and service the way it used to be with "Less than 1% complaints overall!"

For over 30 years, David and Anita Solomon, the owners of Avid Floor Maintenance have maintained the highest level of customer satisfaction with their quality service and competitive pricing.

By progressively growing and diversifying, they have taken a family-run business and developed it into a nationwide team of talented, conscientious craftsmen whose chief goal is to please Avid's constantly expanding list of clients.

The Avid Team combines high-tech, professional floor maintenance, janitorial services and window cleaning company with a personalized, hassle-free approach. This allows the Avid Staff to honestly answer questions or immediately correct any problems that may arise. Thus, the overall "Less than 1% complaints!"

* Advanced scheduling
* Customized billing methods
* Array of computerized reports tailored for individual clients
* All work is inspected by managers and service personnel to recognize general problems and noticeable hazards

Positive responses found on work orders from store management:

"Excellent, courteous service."
"Very nice job, well done!"
"Thorough and complete cleaning of carpets and floor."
"Everything was fine. Thank you."
"Best ever! Please come again."
"Great work! On time and friendly."

These remarks show how Avid Floor Maintenance achieves their goal of
"Less than 1 % Complaints!"

Avid Floor Maintenance, Inc.

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North Palm Beach, Florida 33408-3549

Phone: (561) 691-5406     Fax: (561) 691-5407

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